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What is Cranio-Sacral Therapy?

Cranio-Sacral therapy is a gentle hands-on therapy, which assists the body’s inherent capacity to self-repair. Normally, treatments are given by the patient lying on a couch, but it can be given sitting or reclining if this suits the individual better. You remain fully clothed, and the therapist makes a light contact with their hands on various parts of your body. It generally involves touching your feet, spine, stomach, upper chest area and your head. There is no manipulation.

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History of Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Born out of osteopathy and the discovery of the Cranio-Sacral system- which is fundamental to life and effects every cell within the body- this therapy is gaining world-wide recognition for its powerful healing using the gentlest of techniques. At the core of the body is the cerebrospinal fluid which bathes and cushions the brain and spinal cord expressing itself in a tide like motion of ebb and flow.

How does it work? 

The body responds to physical knocks or emotional stress by the tissues contracting. Sometimes particularly where shock or trauma is severe the tissues will remain contracted so restricting many bodily functions and causing problems sometimes for a whole lifetime. The effects can by physical such as back pain, migraine, or digestive disorders or emotional, such as depression and increased anxiety. Restrictions are picked up by the therapist via the Cranio-Sacral motion and by using the hands to amplify the pattern being held by the body. Treatment allows the opportunity for the body to reorganise and let go of the restriction so returning to an easier form of functioning. By freeing the energy, the body was using to hold itself in contraction there is an increasing amount of energy available to the system as a whole. The resulting changes can bring about greater ease mentally and emotionally as well as in the body itself.

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Can Cranio-Sacral Therapy help me?

This therapy is suitable for all ages and most conditions. Babies to the elderly and those suffering chronic conditions can be treated Cranio-Sacrally. It is beneficial for sensitive and acutely painful conditions as well as during pregnancy, post operations, accidents, and injuries as well as many of the baby and childhood conditions. It helps to raise vitality and support the body’s own self-healing processes. You don’t have to be ill to benefit from cranio-sacral therapy, the easing of life stresses, increased vitality and sense of balance and harmony bring about a sense of wellbeing that makes cranio-sacral therapy welcome at any time to anyone.

Cranio-Sacral therapy for babies 

Treatment can begin during pregnancy not only helping the mother’s system to prepare but also maximising the fluid drives that nourish and protect the baby in utero. Restrictions that can arise during the birth process which can lead to irritability, digestive problems especially colic, sucking problems and restlessness or compressed membranes particularly around the head can be relieved safely and quickly by treatment. Babies and small children appreciate the way this therapy speaks to them in a non-verbal language they respond to particularly well.

Below are some of the many conditions people have responded favourably to following cranio-sacral treatments: 

Allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, back pain, birth trauma, bone /joint disorders, breathing problems, cerebral palsy, chronic fatigue, colic depression, digestive disorders, drug withdrawal, dyslexia, emotional problems, exhaustion, frozen shoulder, headaches and migraines, hormonal imbalance, hyperactivity, infertility, insomnia, ME, menstrual pain and tension, muscular aches and pains, post dental trauma, Parkinson’s, sciatica spinal curvatures, stress related conditions, stroke, TMJ/jaw problems, trigeminal, neuralgia, visual disturbance.

What may I feel? 

You will probably feel a sense of deep relaxation and sometimes be aware of warmth, tingling and gentle pulsations as the body puts itself into a more balanced and fluid state. During cranio-sacral therapy it is the client’s body and system that dictates the pace of work so you will remain comfortable, in control and able to integrate the changes gently. Because it is the body and not the mind that dictates the changes sometimes the first adjustments are not the things you initially sought treatment for. For this reason, it is sometimes advisable to consider a series of treatments to receive full benefit from the cumulative healing effects.

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