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“We at Parks Therapy Centre are very conscious about the impact businesses can have on the environment. We are therefore striving to reduce our carbon footprint and are as eco-friendly as possible.


Ways we have been looking to achieve this is by;

  • Becoming paperless and using recycled paper where this is not possible

  • Recycling our waste

  • Encouraging virtual treatment sessions where possible to reduce a carbon footprint and also reduce Did Not Attend (DNA) or Late Cancelled sessions to avoid gaps within the clinical diary. 

  • Combining shipping on deliveries

  • Placing QR Codes within the clinic for our leaflets and having them accessible for download on our website.

  • Emailing exercise programmes to patients

  • Purchasing recycled products where possible

  • Reducing our energy usage by turn lights off in rooms not being used, turn the computers off and switch off at the wall at the end of the day, rather than just leaving them on standby and turning down radiators at the end of shifts or when the room is not being used.

  • Encouraging staff to work from our clinics which are closer to their home.

  • Encouraging patients to attend the clinic closest to their home. “

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